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Hospitality focused programmes with proven results including:

Management Development

HOD Programmes

Supervisor Programmes

Train the Trainer

Wedding Sales and Brand

Sales & Marketing Programmes

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designed exclusively for hospitality businesses.

not generalists

with measurable, actionable outcomes

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Your choice

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At Conor Kenny & Associates
we understand hospitality,
your business and your people.

Bespoke Consultancy
HR supports
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What We Do

We Are

Conor Kenny & Associates is a training, learning & professional development and HR supports company.

Who We Work With

We specialise in the hotel and hospitality industry in Ireland and the UK.

Our Expertise

We deliver hospitality training, mentoring, HR supports, strategic planning and learning & development.
We write and create original programmes and learning that can be implemented immediately, measured immediately and gets results immediately.
It's our original content and our original methodology.
It motivates, engages and, most of all, gets immediate results.
We are experts at bringing out the talent in your people and your business.

Our Team

All our specialists are highly qualified and hospitality experienced as well as being the very best in their field.
Unlike many training companies, we never employ generalists, our specialists specialise.
We are experts in our area, not in everything.

Our Results are Measurable and Fast

Learning, Answers, Solutions, Objectives & Outcomes that can be implemented immediately, measurably and easily.
People who are educated, challenged and tasked with learning relevant to you, your business and their department.
Measurable practical tasks, homework and ideas that are proven to work.
Much more effective and practical action planning relevant to our industry and your departments.
More motivated and energised people who are given responsibility, accountability and homework.
Performance management that is immediate and effective.
Planning and Plans that reflect your unique goals, designed for you and with your unique challenges in mind.
Results that give you results. Now.

Why Work with Us

We only work in the hotel and hospitality industry. It's our space too.
Everything we deliver we write. It is our original content and methodology.
We are all about people so everything we do is anchored in psychology and approved by our own Psychologist.
People equal performance, that's why we have a partnership with the National Theatre School of Ireland and employ real actors.
Everyone leaves every event with measurable homework, and we follow up.
We listen first and propose second. One size does not fit all.
Then there's our globally syndicated articles.
Our published books.
Our 5 Star client list.
Our focus and drive for immediate measurable results that give you an immediate measurable return.
Our track record and our desire to see your people and your business grow.


If you want measurable results now and if you want to make something happen, come on in, look around and see how we can we help you.
Then, if you like, let's have an informal chat and we will tell you (one way or another) if we are the right option for you.

You can contact us here:

Telephone: +353 1 6633 685
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dancing At The Fountain

dancing at the fountain

'Dancing At The Fountain'

In conversation with World Leading Hoteliers - Read their Stories and how they got to the top of the Very Best Hotels

Coming October 2015

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What Our Clients Say

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    Thank you and your great team. This was a huge success, I have already seen the benefit to the team

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  • Peter MacCann +

    Conor Kenny & Associates have a genuinely excellent understanding of not only the Hospitality Industry but the fundamentals of running

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  • Deirdre McGlone +

    Conor is really quite a Genius at guiding us through the ups and downs of hotel life!

    Deirdre McGlone

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  • Padraig O'Ceidigh +

    Companies do not grow, people do. Conor and his team have developed a simple yet effective model to support your

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