Conor Kenny & Associates

historyConor Kenny & Associates was formed in April 2002. Unlike many stories of big picture vision and opportunity, it was created out of instinct and 3 simple principles. The first, that people will deliver the ideas and plans they create themselves. The second, that how you market your business (and yourself) defines the perception of your brand. The third foundation stone was the desire to help people create better plans for their own goals and, more importantly, how to attract customers.

To this day, these are the core values of everything we do.

Like all businesses, our path has been a meandering route to today. We took many attractive wrong turns but we learnt from the old adage that “Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions”

A humble start working with Pubs and Publicans confirmed our love of all things service, sales and marketing. Our first clients, who were kind enough to trust us, were little rural Pubs in remote areas. Thankfully, we rewarded that trust with some success for these pioneering customers.

From there, a natural love for hospitality, customer focus and service, drew us seamlessly into the world of hotels and this is where we found our first niche.

For almost 5 years the ‘company’ was a one man band with a part time secretary but that was to change because of two unrelated events. The first was being commissioned by Grace Gallagher (our MD today) who was then General Manager of a Wexford hotel. It was easy to spot her enormous ability, leadership qualities and management skills. When Grace left Wexford to return to her native Limerick, that triggered an instinctive invitation to work with us. It proved to be a very successful decision.

The second defining moment came in a hot room in Galway where our good friends, Padraig O’Ceidigh, Padraic Gilligan and Patrick Delaney (The 3 Saint Patrick’s) pushed us to define what we were, who we were for, where we were going and what we offered. Like many businesses, we stumbled and stuttered until they made sure the light dawned. More importantly, they put us firmly on the road to a scalable business.

Soon the recession of 2008 was to bite. We saw the storm coming and hammered down our plans.

That meant a few things. First, we had to manage our money. Second, we had to work harder and better for less. Third, and most importantly, we had to reinvent what we did to be relevant, value and impactful. We clearly remember saying that the recession would be the best thing to happen to us even if it didn’t feel like it just yet. Those words were prophetic.

Today, we are growing rapidly but to a very clear plan, destination and goal. We are a long way from our confused beginnings and we work with lots of really good people and great world class brands.

Although we have achieved many goals we prefer to consider them as checkpoints. Yes, lots done but we always feel we are at the beginning.

We are lucky. We have great people and we work with great people. We are grateful, we are proud and we enjoy what we do.

Today, ‘Our History’ is simply work in progress. We have many mountains to scale and many things to do.

As the running quote goes “The race is not always to the swift but to those who keep on running”

We will and we will keep doing the very best we can.